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Safety checks


Evans & Johns Heating & Plumbing Ltd provide a safety check service for domestic customers, tenants and landlords that identifies faults and corrects problems occurring in gas appliances or installations.

Our safety packages are designed for homeowners, landlords, letting agents and property management companies who require compliance with legislation or to ensure the safety of their staff, tenants and property.
  Gas Installation Inspection - involves walking the system to locate any problems followed by a gas installation tightness test for each property to locate leaks.
  Gas Appliance Safety Inspection - this covers gas appliances such as boilers, cookers and fires. It includes testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks as well as the ventilation and flue routes.
  Gas Appliance Service - neglected gas appliances can become dangerous when not functioning or burning cleanly as intended. Regular servicing helps to ensure the safe and economic running of an appliance.

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